Look at the market today. You will find that everyone is trying to be the same.

Brand A do this and then brand B do much the same.

They hope that when they ride the trend, they will get benefit from it.


Pretty sure you have seen alot of these.


The reality is when something is becoming trend, it’s already too late. Just like in the wall street.

When you ride a ‘keep on rising’ trend, then be ready to be smashed down to the ground. And that’s the reality.


But in the other hand, there are some guys, some weird people, crazy people who dare to do different things.

They have faith on their own judgement. They don’t ride the trend, they create the trend.

They have faith on their own taste, so they don’t need somebody else’s opinion to confirm their decision.


Look at Coco Chanel. Chanel with her little black dress revolutionized fashion industry.

At that time, fashion was glamour, intricate, excessive. And Chanel simplified them all.


Little_Black_Dress - Chanel.

Coco Chanel





These days, text-based or typographic design is trending.

But the problem is everybody jumps into the same boat.

And when everybody jumps into the same boat, the boat goes down.

For sure you don’t want to jump into that boat.



Now, the question is how to make your brand different from others and make your customers love it.

How to ride the trend, but at the same time, not to be the same.

The answer is to adopt a different kind of lettering style that’s already proven to be effective.

It has to grab attention, to be different from others, and yet beautiful.

Because being the same means dead.


You might doubt it at first time. But here’s some proof to show you that this kind of design slowly but surely get attention from audience.

Some big brands begin to adopt them too. It’s not a trend yet. But it will be.




So, do you want to be “Just Another Brand” or do you want to take a leap of faith.

More precisely, a leap of faith that is supported by datas.


If you are the crazy one who dare to take a different step. Let’s work together.

I’m an artist. Some clothing brand use my design service, keep on using it, and satisfied.

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