A T-Shirt is just a commodity, a merchandise, a mere function. Nothing special.

UNLESS you put a meaning on it.

I tend to look a T-Shirt as a blank canvas. Where you can put a picture, a word, a sentence, or anything on it.

It only becomes precious when you put a meaning on it.

Because as a clothing, its basic function is not much different from any other clothes. To cover our body.

So, when you sell a T-Shirt you should put a meaning on it. That’s what makes you different from others.

It’s true that you can sell a blank T-Shirt, just like what Nike does. Yes, you can do it. Just do it.

But, it’s a bit hard to rely solely on your brand equity. Because your brand is not as strong as Nike.

Instead of trying to be Nike or compete with Nike, it will be better if you build your own tribe and sell your T-Shirt to them.

Build something that’s clicked with your personality and fit your tribe.

One of the most effective way to express yourself is through lettering.

Lettering lets you express yourself in an explicit way. It is direct, easy to understand, and still popular to this day.

If you are new to lettering, we can say that lettering is a combination of illustration and typography.

In other words, in lettering, we do not type letters or write letters. In lettering we draw letters.

It is a word or words designed beautifully and distinctively.

Create your own lettering T-Shirt. There are many ways to express yourself.

It could be statement, empowering words, quotation, or even design your logotype in different way.

One benefit you’ll get in lettering T-Shirt is it builds a bond with your customers.

This T-Shirt won’t be just another T-Shirt. Not just a merchandise. It becomes a representation of themselves.

And it can be a reminder to be their best selves.

Or maybe something that makes them feel to be a part of something bigger. A part of a tribe.

Remember, people don’t buy a T-Shirt, they buy an identity.

But, to design such T-Shirt requires high technical skill.

You don’t want your T-Shirt looks ordinary. You don’t want your T-Shirt looks like others.

You want to be different. Your customers want to be different.

If you can design it by yourself, that’s good. But, why do it all by yourself when you can hire Platupi to do the design?

Let Platupi to do it for you. You can concentrate on managing and promoting the business. It will be more efficient and effective

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