Today is though. Corona virus hits us. Recession comes. And it doesn’t stop there. The social turbulent, the confrontation between the white and the black uprises. It is all come one after another. Some people destroyed by it, only a few built by it. Some people whine, only a few thrive. Some people complain, only a few gain advantage.

And I promise you, tomorrow will be even worse than today.

But this is natural. This is how nature selects the best of the best. And the bad one shall be perished. Look at a tree, in order to grow, the decayed leaves must fall into the ground. That’s life.

But, there is a fascinating fact. You might not believe me. In this hard time, while most people whine and complain, there are some people who stand tall above all. Not only survive, but thrive. Note that they face the same problem as we do, but I bet they’ve got something different. And that’s what I wanna know.

I read some articles about these successful people, read some online magazine. And I found some interesting fact. One of the things that differ this successful people from most of us is their work ethic. It’s true that hard work is not the only factor, but I guess it’s the most important factor. And I found that this successful people usually work harder than most people.

“Work Hard”. That’s a no brainer, no fuckin secret, I thought. I can’t control my talent, but work ethic, for sure I can. A wise man says that we should focus on the controllable factor, instead of the uncontrollable factor.

That moment sparks an idea on my mind. “I’m a lettering artist. Why don’t I create some lettering art about this topic. About hard work.” At the time I have a little doubt in my mind, so I want some opinion from my friends. At the moment like this I’m sure you want an encouraging word from the people around you. Right?

And guess what I get. “It won’t work”, they say. “This is a hard time,” they say. “No one will buy it”, they say. And so and so and so…..

But, in the end I decide to make it.

Do you know where the richest place on earth is? THE GRAVEYARD. Because it is there you will find all hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung. All because someone was too afraid to carry out their idea.

If i had to fail, so be it. But at least, I try. And I won’t let the idea die with me.



First, the plan. The lettering art must be flexible. So it can be applied on many media. Such as T-Shirt, desktop, smartphone, poster, etc.


Second, the sketches. I begin with rough sketches. From many sketches filtered into one sketch. So many mistakes, so many revisions, and so many hours to get it done.

No Secret Just Hard Work - Behind the Scene -2


Third, after a couple of time of revision, I digitalize it on my desktop. [I don’t use procreate for this art work. No…no…no… ] This image will be applied to a poster, in other words it’s a pretty damn big image. So I will need a precision for this work. I choose Adobe Illustrator.

No Secret Just Hard Work - Behind the Scene 1


Fourth, the lettering art is done. And now it’s time to sell it. To you 🙂

No Secret Just Hard Work File - Finale - PLATUPI


If you are just like me, if this message resonate with you, if you find this article helpful, you can support PLATUPI by buying this lettering art on my shop.


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