Your paper is still empty. Pencil on your hand.
You want to draw, but don’t know what to draw.
You’ve been strucked by CReaTiVe BLoCK!!!

Most people give in, only few thrive in.

These 5 tips will help you to overcome your creative block:


1. Clean Your Studio
Sometime, a tidy room can make you more relax and reduce stress.
And with peaceful mind, an idea can sometime spark.


2. Look at the people you admired
Ask yourself, what would he/she do in this situation?


3. Go Out Side and Visit New Places
Visit a place you have never been visited before. It tricks your brain to think differently.


4. Take Notes
Always bring a sketchbook or a notepad. Always be prepared.
You don’t know when the ideas will come.


5. Go Against the Flow
When people go zig, you go zag. Avoid cliche.
Force your brain to think out of the box.


If none of these tips work, don’t do it all over again.
You must realize that you have to be creative to be able to overcome creative block.