We are all striving to be a great lettering artist.
We build our reputation brick by brick.
The process is long, hard, and tiresome.
And in this occasion, I just wanna share one of my brick.

‘U’ letter

All begin with planning.
For me, planning is the big enchilada.
It’s the hardest, yet, the most important part.
You gotta have the big picture in your mind.
It usually takes hours to get it.

Choose the right theme, choose the right letter, and choose the right ornaments.

Since I love vintage style, I want all to be vintage.

After you’ve got the plan, start with the letter.

U plan Alphabet by Platupi

This’ lettering. The ornaments complement the letter. Not the way around.

U letter by Platupi

The U letter is done. Now the ornaments and the background take place.
U ornaments by Platupi

That’s it. It’s finished.

U Alphabet and Steve Jobs by Platupi

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