Is this the first time you buy a graphic tablet? Are you looking for a graphic tablet with good performance, nice feature, and affordable price?

You should read this for a minute. Note that Huion doesn’t sponsor me. But I don’t mind at all if they do.

I bought Huion Inspiroy H640P months ago. The reason I bought it was because my task became more complicated, and I needed a kind of pen instead of a mouse to draw some object. In other words, this pen had to make my job easier and got it done faster.

Before we step forward, I must tell you that I use this graphic tablet especially for Adobe Illustrator. Sometime I use Adobe Photoshop, bust mostly Illustrator is my choice.

I won’t be too technical about this shit, because I don’t even know what is the difference between 8192 pressure level and 2048 pressure level. I just tell you what I feel. You should check my work to see what I use H640P for.



The size of the graphic tablet is 26cm x 14.7cm. While the size of the drawing area is 16cm x 9.9cm.

It is pretty comfortable for me. The drawing area is not too big and not too little. Just fine. My hand can move freely.

If you need to draw a large scale image — a poster, for instance — this tablet will fit you. I work on some poster too. Check it out!

One thing you should notice, H640 doesn’t have a touch screen feature.


H640P PLaTuPi Review



Pen is essential. The grip, the weight, and the material determine how good your drawing will be.

H640 pen is made from plastic. The pen is fuckin big and blocky. It’s slightly bigger than Intuos’ pen. On the contrary the weight is really light.

Imagine a white board marker. It’s big and light, right? It’s just like that, but better. Of course it is. You don’t want to spend big bucks and get a shitty pen.

But, luckily it has a good grip. H640P pen has a kind of rubber in the grip area. Even if your hand is sweaty, it won’t slip.

There are two button in the grip area in which you can assign some function.

The most important thing, it is battery free, motherfucker. No need to charge. Just work…work…work…

Personally, I do think it would be better if it’s slimmer and heavier. A human like me will never be satisfied. Hahaha…


Pressure Sensitivity

I can’t talk too much about this. Like I said before, I use illustrator most of the time. And pressure level doesn’t seem important to me.

But, when I occasionally use Photoshop, and try some brushes, I think it works well. I have no complain about it.

After all, you can set the pressure level on the driver.


Shortcut Keys

On the left side of the drawing area, there are six buttons. You can assign some function in it.


H640P PLaTuPi Review



Now, here is the big deal. Huion H640P is much cheaper than its competitor Intuos. It’s about $39.99.

Since I need only the essential feature, H640 is more than enough for me. It works smooth and well.


Who use this?

Trent Kaniuga. You know, the Youtuber with extraordinary work of art.

PLaTuPi. You know, the Crazy SOB Lettering Artist.



Huion H640P is a really handful graphic tablet. It’s pretty cheap and has a good quality.

So, if you are a newbie and this is the first time you buy graphic tablet, without hesitation, I will recommend this graphic tablet to you.

For the score, it is 4 out of 5.



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