Just take a look at this image. If you’re a customer, which T-Shirt would you buy?

You know the answer, the right one. Right?

Why? Because it’s so appealing. So different from what you see in the market place. So Distinctive.

Because there is a ‘thing’ on that image that makes you want to stare at it longer. Or should we say there is a magic in it. Attention is gold, my dear friend.

Now, let’s say you are in the market place. I’m sure you know what it is like to be in the market place today.

    Everyone tries to be the same, everyone shouts the same, and everyone does the same.

And they all are doomed. But, you are different.

Because you think different, you act different, and you are different.

I believe you will take a different step from those dim wit. Imagine all the possibilities that you can be when you use Distinctive and Bold Lettering Style.

Designed by Distinctive Lettering Artist PLATUPI
Now, we come to the most important part.



The answer is clear. Hire a right guy to turn your vision into a design.

For sure you don’t want to hire amateurs, for they will turn your dream into a nightmare. You want somebody who knows what he’s doing. Somebody who has thick experiences. Right?

When we talk about bold and fat lettering, I am the right guy to do this job. PLaTuPi has been doing this fat lettering style for many years. Many clothing brand have trusted me to design their clothing. They’re satisfied. And now, they’re THRIVING.
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There’s a reason why you’re so interested with this fat lettering style. There’s a reason why this style pulls you. And I bet it’s a good reason. Maybe this is a sign from the universe to you to pluck up your courage, and take this one leap of faith.

So, what are you waiting for? You have a good taste, you have a good thought, you have a good sign. Let’s take this one small step and work together.

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