PUT UP or SHUT UP! That’s Bobby Hundreds number one rule for building your clothing brand. And I can’t be more agree with that statement.



You as a brand don’t merely exist just to sell T-Shirt and stuff . There’s a lot more than that.

Because when you do that, you will be the same just like most brand. And if you do what most brand do, you will get what most brand get. Which is not satisfying at all!

You will compete with hundreds other brand who do exactly the same — just like you.

You will be drowned in the red bloody sea.

Instead of becoming a shark. you become a snark.


T-Shirt PUT UP or SHUT UP -- Bobby Hundreds and Platupi

Listen to Bobby. You must have something to say.

You must have a message or an idea that’s worth spreading. And your T-shirt is a media to communicate your idea.

If you don’t have something to say, then why build a clothing brand in the first place?

If you don’t have something to say, then shut up!



But, I believe you are a brand who wants to inspire your tribe, who wants to put a ding in the universe.

I’m an artist. Let me help you to design your message in Unique & Distinctive style.

Man, when we work together we will create something different. We will give a birth to a dancing star.