1. The Rule of Third
One of the most important composition technique in photography. It can be used in all kind of photography to create engaging and balanced image. Split your image with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines. And put the important object along or at the intersection of these lines.



2. Lights
Lights determine not only brightness and darkness, but also the tone, mood, and atmosphere of your picture. Know your light and adapt your shooting to the conditions. Light originate from behind the camera, and point directly towards the object gives it flat and monotone lighting. Side lighting produces a more interesting light. Because it will show the shape and the exotic part of the subject.



3. Zoom In on the Exotic Part of Your Work
Find one part of your work that you think exotic and worth to be closed up. Then, focus on that.



4. The Right Angle
Try to view the scene from different perspective, and your composition will improve dramatically.



You can attend in hundreds of workshop, read tons of book, or watch all the youtube channel, but in the end the one thing you gotta do is do your shit. Bring the camera, shoot the object, and make your hands dirty.
One last thing. Every rule was made to be broken.

But, before your break the rules, make sure that you know what the rule is.

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