1. What Exactly Do You Need?

When you look for a design based on lettering or typography, then a lettering artist is what you need.

You might ask, “Why don’t we hire a graphic designer?”

Let me ask you something.

When your dog is sick, where do you take it to?

To a common doctor? No. You bring it to veterinarian.

Why? because veterinarian is a specialist.

Like wise, you don’t bring “typography and lettering” problem to a graphic designer.

Not because graphic designer cannot do that, but because they cannot do it as good as lettering artist does.

You don’t want your beloved dog fall into the wrong hand.

And, for sure, you don’t want your project fall into the wrong hand either.


2. Play It Safe or STANDOUT?

How much risk do you dare to take?

Do you want to be the same like others? Or do you want to be different?

Do you want to be common? Or do you want to be uncommon?

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all,” said Mark Zuckerberg. One of the richest man alive.

The biggest risk of play it safe is no one will give a shit about your design.

In this ultra distracted society, attention is the gold.

You won’t be recognized by being common. By being vanilla.

You’ll be recognized by being uncommon. Being different.

And hopefully, being uncommon amongst the uncommon.


3. Why You Should Use Lettering

  •  You express yourself in a more explicit way. Lettering’s based on word. Your customer will easily understand it.
  •  What your brand want to say can be delivered with style.
  •  Lettering builds engagement with your customer. It’s not just an abstract object. It’s word or words designed beautifully.
    There is a big chance that your customer buys your clothes because they have a special bond with that kind of word.
  •  You get segmented customer with lettering.
  •  Look at the big brand. Look at The Hundreds or Supreme, or even Balenciaga. They have clothes designed with lettering on their collection.


4. Achieve STANDOUT Result WITHOUT Putting Hours

One sure way to make your business grow is to put your hours into the business aspect. And pay people to do the rest.

You cannot do multiple task at one time.

You cannot manage your business and at the same time doing the design.

You will be half asses on anything.

Instead, you should hire a specialist.

And when we talk about lettering, PLATUPI is the specialist.

I’m a lettering artist. And a good one. I have worked with some clothing brand.

You can see some of PLATUPI’s work on here.

If you want to be different, then you have to do something different.

Start with hiring a lettering artist that make your clothes STANDOUT.

Start with hiring PLATUPI.

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