Let’s be honest. Do you think it’s great?
Maybe not. But, I’ve done my best.
You might ask, “If it’s not great, why do you post it?”
Well, let’s say, I just wanna share the process with you.

This work’s done spontaneously, which means no plan, no sketch, just flow.

At first, I just want to make a beautiful letters.
But then, I felt that it would be nice to put some ornaments around it.


Letter is a kind of tree, you know. It has system. It has rules.
When you know the stem, you know the leaf.
When you know the leaf, you know the flower.
If the ‘Y’ looks like that, than the “U” will be like this.
If the “U” like this, then, the “K” will be like that.
You’ll find the pairs naturally (Free-styler is an exception, and I’m not one).
An “A” will be an “A” only if it looks like an “A”, recognized as an “A”, and red as an “A”.


But the ornaments, that’s a different animal. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle.

You have to find the right part and put it on the right place.

When you don’t, it’ll look 0Dd and 5ilLY.

And this ornaments cost me pretty much time.