I create this letter based on Carolingian minuscule from 9th century.

Of course with a little modification and adaptation.

If you have a typomania disease, I’m sure the first question you ask will be:

“Why the terminal swirls like that? Is it possible?”



To answer that question, let me guide you step by step.

First of all, let us see the original letter from Carolingian period:


This image is taken from "The Book of Kells"

This image is taken from “The Book of Kells”


The line logic of broad nib pen will be like this:line-x-01


And when you try to swirl it without a twist on your pen, it will be like this:


But, yes, it is possible to make such swirl. Some calligraphy masters achieve that swirl with a little twist of their pen. And, anyway, this is lettering, means you can do anything with your letter.

We are free to create, modify, and draw a letter as long it still follows the basic form of a letter. Because when a letter looks very odd and hardly recognized, it stops to be a letter and becomes a symbol.

For the ornaments, I just take a little bit of Celtic style and adapt it to my style.