It’s not brush lettering.
It’s not ‘one shot and done’.
It’s a trial and error.
It won’t be finished in minutes or even hours.
Let’s start this alphabet with the foundation, the letter.

Before you start, you got to know what kind of letter you want to draw.

What taste you want to show. What nuance you want to build.

In my case, I want my letter to be vintage and feminine.

Even though it’s based on historical letter, I modify it a little bit.


After you decide what the letter looks like, it’s time to put some ornaments in it.

I divide this ornaments into 2 parts:
Inner part: ornaments inside the letter.
Outter part: ornaments outside the letter.

For the inner part, I combine some Greek ornaments with my own style.
And since I want it to look feminine, I put some flower decorations in the middle of my letter.


You can see the process in the video bellow.


For the outter part, I just love to play with line elements. And I think it suits the ends.

I just swirl it up. It just flow.


So here it is, the FINALE.





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