I posted this sketch on my Instagram years ago. I post it because I believe in it.
I still believe that hustle hard and work hard will beat even the most talented people.

And I believe Design is a skill. What I mean by skill is it requires hard work, commitment and self discipline to attain it.
It is not given to you by some higher power or higher authority or something. You must achieve it.
It is the opposite of talent, which most people believe that you were born with it.

Look at people you admire, look at the people you look up to, do you think they achieve greatness because of their talent alone?
So they don’t have to work hard and just swing the magic wand?
Or do you think they work really really hard –more than you can imagine– to create great works?

One woman I admire is Jessica Hische. Ever heard about her? She is a famous lettering artist who creates many fabulous works, and write some best selling book. Do you think she relies on her talent alone?
No, motherfucker. She works harder than most of normal people. And she is one of the hardest motherfucker I know. This mother of two kids works 14 to 16 hours a day. Monday to Sunday. Seven days a week.
And every time I look at her, I feel like I’m a lazy fuck. To say that she is lucky because of her talent is really an insult–I think.

You see, this society, these normal people in which we are living with, want you to see that everything in life is given, is granted, and not achieved through hard work. And to those who achieve astounding result, they call them ‘talented people’. But, I tell you something, they don’t even know what’s going on behind that great achievement. They like to put entitlement to these high achievers, so they can find excuses for themselves.

But You and I are different. We are fuckin freak. We are not them. We believe that every astounding result must be attained through hard work, through struggle, through hustle. We believe that effort, commitment, and discipline is more important than a sheer magic of talent.